Coach Ruben

Coach Ruben Guzman

MPH, ACLM – Author of “Evolving Health” and an Organizational Business, Healthy Lifestyle, Leadership, Communication and Health Coach, and Vistage Speaker

A champion for promoting health and eliminating chronic disease, Coach Ruben has 30 years of experience in the health field. He was a pathologist’s assistant, and a medical student at UC Davis School of Medicine, he attained his Master’s in Public Health from UCLA specializing in behavioral sciences and health promotion, and he is a personal trainer, a nutrition consultant, a clinical exercise specialist and yoga instructor. Having gone through his own personal health challenge and having lost over 50 pounds of excess fat in 1995, Coach Ruben has been a living demonstration of what it takes to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, filled with energy, vitality and productivity, and he has taught hundreds to do the same.

Coach Ruben has over 10 years experience in health care administration and was the Assistant Administrator for Kaiser South Sacramento Medical Center in charge of Quality, Utilization and Licensing. He successfully led the medical center in both improving the quality of health care delivery and also instituting dramatic cost-savings strategies. His quality improvement projects included streamlining communication and services for patients, addressing clinical issues such as asthma, hip replacements surgery, anti-coagulant management and other. He instituted coast savings programs such as the out-of-area emergency case management program that saved over 10 million dollars in less than 3 years.

Always one to be involved with the community, Coach Ruben was appointed by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and served as an executive member of the Sacramento County Public Health Advisory Board, and was instrumental in making recommendations for public health policy in Sacramento County.

Coach Ruben has also been trained by top military brass (Brigadier General Douglas O’Conner and Colonel Jim Valenti) in the same leadership program used to develop our Special Forces officers. Backed by his extensive leadership training, Coach Ruben has directed several large-scale team efforts and has brought his coaching success into the corporate health care setting and businesses. He has successfully coached and trained many champions in sports, health and business.