Dear CDC’s Division of hight consequence pathogens and pathology (DHCPP),

Re: Pathogenics / Colon Health / Animal Food Consumption

As a therapist, I am very concerned at what we see in our office. We are asking for a public service announcement from the CDC’s division of high consequence pathogens and pathology (DHCPP), be distributed to the American public regarding pathogens and the link to animal food consumption.

The current amount of animal food, specifically meat and dairy products, combined with raw fish (sushi) consumed by our clients is very concerning because of the pathogens, myself and the other clinicians have observed. The clients come in with skin disorders, gastrointestinal distress, severe pain and many other symptoms, we believe can be prevented with education.

Humans need to consume a whole foods, plant-based diet with low fat and high fiber. There is wide evidence and scientific papers that clearly show eating high fiber from plant food feeds good bacteria and protects the immune system. The research clearly shows that eating raw fish, high amounts of meat and dairy feed pathogens, which have devastating affects on the health of humanity and the gut microbiome, which compromises the immune system.

We see in our office, very sick people with serious gastrointestinal distress and our certified colon hydrotherapists view some very concerning pathogenic material in the closed colon therapy viewing windows. We help our clients adopt a whole food, plant-based diet, they get probiotics and digestive enzymes and other solutions to alleviate their acute issues. All of their symptoms usually subside, however, we always communicate and refer back to their physician when symptoms don’t subside with diet and lifestyle changes.

We believe if Americans knew that eating raw fish and too much meat and dairy products were feeding the pathogens, they would adopt healthier habits and are asking for your help. You are in a position to create awareness through education. We are asking for your help in creating a better gut microbiome for Americans who choose to eat more plants. People will listen to the CDC, recommending more plant food to be consumes and feed the good bacteria. The immune systems of Americans is at risk and we are asking for you to have the guts (pun intended) to do something about it. My reference articles and pictures are attached.


Deidre Moore Belfiore, CHT, CN

MPL Group’s GetWellness Center