Using Mother Natures Nutrition and Essential Oils to Kick Cancer

I do not support nor do I accept western medicines approach or procedures to cure or kick cancer. Western medicine often causes more harm than good. If western medicine and the pharmaceutical companies paid the families for its failures (loss of life and trauma) they would be broke. "Only two things are infinite, the universe [...]

Vaccine’s and Vaxxed (The Movie)-

Friday evening Deidre and I viewed the controversial film Vaxxed. With all the facts documented that the CDC committed fraud, I was alarmed and amazed that our government and their bosses, pharmaceutical companies, and the CDC were in cahoots. This film is a must see. It is featured at the Tower Theater for the next [...]

Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed Without Drugs

Doctors often prescribe a drug to control type 2 diabetes. However drugs have a number of side affects a that individuals would have to heal twice. Once from the diabetes and once from the drug . One drug in particular, Jardiance, has shown to have a number of side affects. Below are a few listed [...]


"The reality is that anybody can achieve great things with a positive attitude." -Michael Potter Often I hear, in passing, negative comments most often the words I can't! Why can't you? The belief systems that society has created is alarming. There are simply no words to describe the fallen children of tomorrow. We, as individuals, [...]

On my perfect planet, plant based policy would be in Effect!!!

Research shapes evidence, which informs public policy, which somehow leaves the public confused about the relationship between diet and health? The research is funded by special interest groups who influence a desired outcome, which informs public policy and of course the public is confused, because the information makes no sense. The saddest thing from Dr [...]

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