Colon Hydrotherapy

The Health Minute – A Clean Colon is Key to Good Health

Colon Hydrotherapy is the rinsing of the colon with filtered, warm water. This therapy is performed to cleanse the bowel (Colon) and gently rinse away impacted fecal matter, mucus, and to alleviate gas. Removal of the waste allows for better absorption from the food and nutrition you consume. Afterward, most feel lighter, rejuvenated; and with enough proper nutritional shifts and treatments, the colon will repair and reshape, and the muscle tone will be restored, thus providing adequate peristalsis, so daily, optimal bowel movements are achieved. The procedure lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour and involves a single use, FDA-approved speculum that is inserted into the rectum so that filtered water can flow to the colon. Most experience a very relaxing and effective experience, which gives this vital and often neglected organ, what it needs to function optimally. A neglected colon is common in today’s modern society because we imbibe far too much carbonated, refined and processed foods and too much meat and dairy products. All the waste remaining in the colon causes the toxins to flow into the bloodstream—causing autointoxication and a host of health problems. Regular bowel maintenance is essential to a human body and overall health. Indeed, its practice can be traced 5,000 years back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.

In general, pain is rare—although some cramping is sometimes experienced. As long as the practitioner is properly trained and experienced and is using quality equipment and a speculum with filtered water, there is no chance of harm, and only good can result from colon hydrotherapy. During insertion, depending on the individual’s level of impacted waste as well as one’s hemorrhoids, some discomfort upon insertion may occur. Some people also experience nausea as waste leaves the body—although this does go away quickly. Moreover, maintaining personal dignity is our ultimate goal throughout the therapy. To that end, you are always in a private room, and no odors are experienced as the system is “closed.”

Colon hydrotherapy involves the gentle inflow and outflow of filtered water, which slowly dissolves waste and encourages your system to release in a natural-flowing manner. Enemas are a more stressful, home-based way to introduce water rapidly into the lower bowel, causing a powerful evacuation. Enemas only clean the anus and rectum (only sometimes the lower descending colon). If you want to cleanse 4 feet of your colon effectively, colon hydrotherapy is the way to go.

Some clients come in with no preparation; however, we recommend not eating 2 hours before your therapy. A nutritional plan with no dairy or meat products and mostly vegetables and gluten-free grains 2-3 days prior are optimal. Alcoholic beverages before and after treatment are to be avoided.

The client enters a private sanitary room and is asked to remove bottoms privately, and a robe is offered. The client lies on their back on a comfortable treatment table. A sterile, single-use small speculum is inserted into the rectum. The gentle flow of water removes waste from the colon. The therapist gently massages your abdomen and monitors you and the machine at all times. After an average of 45 minutes, the therapist will remove the speculum, and get you safely to the restroom, where you will be asked to release your bowel on a standard toilet with a proper positioning stool. The first session is always a little more stressful because the person is new and a little nervous. As the sessions continue, the body is more relaxed and releases easier because the process is more familiar.

Pharmaceutical laxatives can induce bowel movements but do long-term harm and most often only remove the wet substances, leaving the hard, encrusted, fecal matter behind. Laxatives are in general dangerous and can be habit-forming. We recommend nutritional changes and lifestyle shifts—the only way to produce long-term results.

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When the colon is hydrated, and the waste is safely removed, all other organs function more optimally and under less strain. The liver, kidney, bile ducts, gallbladder, pancreas and every system of the body is affected by the condition of the colon. The cleansing of the colon is/and should be the beginning of most detoxification programs—especially those that include a nutritional shift to whole foods, plant-based diet. No supplement or pill will ever replace colon hydrotherapy and the therapy’s rapid results. Due to the efficiency and ease of removing old waste, most people who receive education on colon hydrotherapy opt to begin from within as they embark on detoxification and nutritional program. Colon hydrotherapy is the beginning of seeing how your body is processing and eliminating the food you eat; and in my experience as a nutritionist and colon hydrotherapist, it is the best motivator for change.

The benefits are truly incredible. People experience better energy, clearer skin, and greater mental clarity. They also experience freedom from constipation, including but not limited to reduced gas and bloating and a general feeling of lightness. The removal of old waste encrusted in the colon can improve immune function and better lymph function, thereby more effectively ridding the body of waste products. The variety of symptoms improved are Asthma, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, bloating, indigestion, excessive gas, allergies, skin issues, body odor, bad breath, fatigue, arthritic conditions, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, and concentration problems.

Colon hydrotherapy improves the habitat of the small and large intestine, promoting the growth of good bacteria and reducing the number of pathogens, which love to live on putrefied meat and dairy debris. The best approach is to adopt a plant-based diet (which good bacteria loves to feed on), use the exact post care regimen that you are given after your therapy—which does include encapsulated probiotics.

The number of sessions needed varies from each individual. The physical, emotional, nutritional and other health statuses of the client and the ability to make changes will usually dictate a response to therapies and how often they are needed. There is no standard number of colon hydrotherapy sessions as the health objective for the person; we take into consideration the condition at the start of the therapy to determine the number of sessions required. People often feel very relieved after their first session. It’s normal to need to be seen a few times to sufficiently cleanse the colon. We only book the first session, and then the qualified health practitioner and the client can make the decision based on the above mentioned. After years of experience, we have observed the best results from an average of 3 sessions achieved over a 2-3 week period, all working in conjunction with and alongside nutritional changes.

Most people have severely impacted colons with old rubbery or wallpaper like material stuck to it. Fecal matter that is severely hardened can take a lot of work to hydrate and safely remove. During colon hydrotherapy, incredible self-awareness occurs in seeing what comes out and what nutritional changes must occur to gain a healthy body.

Colon hydrotherapy has a relieving effect, and most feel lighter on all levels afterward. Most people report better energy, clearer skin and better results from other health programs when implemented together with this therapy. We recommend drinking plenty of liquids, taking probiotic capsules, making smoothies, and avoiding, meat, dairy, foods with seeds, spicy food, alcohol and harsh foods like chips for 48 hours. Vegetable soups and purees, smoothies with stone fruits and veggies are optimal.

Most people have lighter bowel movements in the following days after a colon hydrotherapy session, then onto larger more consistent bowel movements. Some people experience very sluggish bowels and can even go as long as 5-7 days without a substantial bowel movement. The length of time between bowel movements post-colon hydrotherapy has more to do with the state of the colon prior. We recommend adopting a whole food plant based nutritional plan designed for your lifestyle and health history to optimize your therapy.