Nutritional Consulting

Nutrition, our dietary habits, is 80 percent of our health make-up. It is directly connected to our immune system and detoxification of organs, such as the colon and liver and is the pathway to health. Honoring our body by consuming a whole foods & plant-based nutritional plan increases sustainable wellness. Drinking clean filtered water is as essential as eating vitamin/mineral/fiber-rich foods. When we combine a whole food plant-based diet with clean filtered water and chemical reduction, our body is in concert and will perform optimally, to sustain a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Deidre Nutri-D is a Certified Plant Based Nutritionist from Cornell University and obtained all the undergrad requirements of registered dietetics, however, chose to stay a consultant in nutrition, due to the special interest conflicts in current education. Deidre is passionate about healthy choices and developing healthier patterns while being sensitive to belief systems (programming), we received as children and cross cultural nutritional patterns.