Physical, Emotional, Nutritional, Spiritual, and Financial (PENSF)


Human beings were born to move and be active. It is not advantageous for us to be stagnant or sedentary. Practicing regular PENSF-animationcardiovascular exercise per day is paramount to a healthy lifestyle. Strengthening the skeletal muscles along with the heart will allow us to achieve our lifestyle goals and reduce injuries due to inactivity, overuse and repetitive use. Whether we choose bicycling, running, swimming, walking, weight training or yoga for our activity, it does not matter just as long you choose regular movement. Exercise helps our bodies to function properly, blood flow to nourish, strengthen and detoxify our bodies. People need to be introduced to fun, stress releasing, relaxing and challenging ways to move, and do just that. We motivate people to lead healthy sustainable lifestyles.


Unbridled emotion can affect and effect an organization positively or negatively. It also affects all components of PENSF. Our thoughts supply us with energy that will take whatever form our mind demands. Our thoughts are the mold that the energy uses to create good or ill according to the form we impress on it. What we speak, what we think, so shall we be. The goal is to relearn, re-program and learn how to be well and think wellness; how to speak positively and how to think abundance, health, wealth and having faith that our desires will manifest. There is no obstacle that there is not some way around or over. Emotionally we must relearn how to tap into our positive thoughts. Gandhi said, “Obstacles are those barriers that arise when we take our eyes off our goals”. We teach individual and organizational wellness solutions that channel a person’s positive release and direction.


Nutrition affects all components of PENSF. For example, food is mood and energy. Our brain uses 25 percent of the sugars we consume and people need education on what real whole food is again. As much as 80 percent of our performance and success, who we are and how we function is derived from our nutritional habits. It has been shown that eating 9 – 15+ servings of fruits and vegetables is essential for cardiovascular health and in order to reduce the chances of diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and all of this ties into achieving optimal weight. MPL Group meets people and organizations where they are, being sensible and motivating and inspiring consistent, realistic nutritional plans while considering individual and organizational goals, culture and an enjoyable sustainable path to healthy choices every day. The thought of, ‘we are what we eat,’ is not true. We are what we absorb and assimilate. If we do not eat nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, and clean proteins that we digest easily, our bodies will have a hard time preventing disease and absorbing the nutrients needed to operate our bodily functions optimally.


Having a belief system is as important as drinking enough clean filtered water. What you believe and what resonates inside your heart and mind (subconscious) is what will manifest in your personal and professional life. Emotional and spiritual components actually go hand-in-hand. Both are driven by our subconscious mind. However, there is a difference. Where emotions are directly related to our thoughts and filed into our subconscious, our spirituality is our belief system, having faith in a greater power, which manifests in you. We must learn to live in the now, not in the past, not in the future but right now! We only have control of what we do, and even more important, how we do it. MPL Group helps you find your spirituality and strengthen your personal growth.


When we find that our finances are inadequate to provide us with our desired lifestyle we must do one of two things; accept the inadequacy’s or create an income that is in line with our desired lifestyle. Living within our means, not overextending ourselves, is paramount. What and how we spend our money on is also very important. If we wish to live a healthier lifestyle and we purchase foods that are processed as our primary food source we will not reach our goals of optimum health. Choosing to purchase healthy foods including fruits, vegetables, clean proteins, and whole food supplements will afford us the healthy lasting lifestyle we desire. We vote with our dollar and our investments must be a choice benefiting and sustaining our PENSF goals. The one thing in your life when lost that causes the most pain physically and financially is your health.