Personal Wellness

MPL Group’s GetWellness Center

We offer a one stop shop approach to complete health, wellness and lifestyle change. Our company utilizes a proven program called Organizational Wellness Solutions (OWS), which builds relationships with a focus on organizational and personal wellness programs. We succeed by educating, coaching and inspiring the passion and motivation; by coaching groups and individuals to attain their desired wellness goals. Collectively, our approach to wellness is solution and scientific based, focusing on a proprietary five core component wellness system; Physical, Emotional, Nutritional, Spiritual and Financial, our foundational system of (PENSF). Organizational Wellness Solutions successfully helps empower people to manage their obstacles, such as stress, which may lead to a whole host of complications and conditions, mostly preventable. Chronic conditions plaguing the United States, such as metabolic syndrome, which comprises high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and others like cancer, diabetes, and more are all preventable with education. We coach individuals on their whole food nutrition, wellness journey and optimal weight management, in order to increase energy, stamina and vitality, while promoting a healthy sustainable lifestyle change.


Primary prevention of illness and disease is much less costly than medical treatment. Often, education and awareness go a long way toward changing behaviors. Many of the diseases that lead to high absenteeism and inability to perform at optimum levels are related to lifestyle choices. They are learned behaviors that can be reprogrammed. If you think this should be the responsibility of the employee, not the employer, you would not necessarily be wrong. However, when an organizational member is obese, inactive, smoking and participates in other deleterious habits, has a cardiac event and is out of work for several months, the individual and organization can be crippled. Choosing to invest and implement PENSF so cost savings can be seen in decreased use of health care benefits, rates of absenteeism, numbers of accidents and injuries, and employee turnover amongst other benefits which leads to company profitability. Choosing to invest and educate with our Organizational Wellness Solutions, the more you will see the PENSF systems’ expression in the workplace, increasing your companies’ bottom line.


Collectively, with over seventy-five (75) years of experience in the health and wellness industry, our company philosophy is simple, people come first. We motivate people to lead healthy lifestyles by listening and addressing their needs both individually and organizationally, then coach in order to achieve their health and wellness goals. We take the team approach believing that dedication, desire; determination, devotion, and teamwork create and motivate for success. Our team is comprised of wellness experts with their expertise focusing on PENSF wellness. Our devotion and commitment deliver solutions that educate, inspire, empower and promote healthy lifestyles and balanced living. OWS methods encompass; motivation, inspiration, kindness, education, and desire to achieve results. The OWS program coupled with PENSF and our dedication, determination, devotion, empathy and commitment have led hundreds of individuals to successfully overcome their obstacles and achieve their health and wellness goals. Our objective is to present systems and solutions, allowing each individual and/or group overcome their fear and take ownership of their overall sustainable health and wellness lifestyle.


PENSF plays a large role in how an individual performs on and off the job. Our solution is to interlock the PENSF slices where each component is sound and complement the other, whereas making the individual or group whole and goal focused. Our solution system is designed to look at health and wellness from a 360 degree perspective, rather than a single slice of the pie. To accomplish this goal we analyze, assess and interview the individual and/or group, complete an assessment of our findings and present our OWS, custom tailored recommendation for your organization.