Services Price List

Menu of Services Price List
Colon Hydrotherapy – $125-$175 with intake – $95 thereafter
Ozone Sauna Therapy –  $85/hour
Nutritional Counseling – $95/hour
PENSF Behavioral Training – $110/hour
Family Programs –  $750-$1200
Athletic Training –  $75/hour
Raindrop ‘Essential Oils’ Therapy –  $85/hour
Massage Therapy –  $75/hour
Skin/Body Care –  $80/hour rate varies
Foot-bath Detoxification –  $55/hour
SpectraCell Micronutrient Consultation* – $125-$175/hour
Water Filtration Consultation –  $65/hour
5 Week Health & Wellness Class – $120/per-person
Patient Advocacy –  $65-$95/hour
Thermography – $190-$230; Full Body – $525
Supplement Analysis Repletion Calculations – $85/hour Fifteen-minute increments $30
Community Classes – No Charge unless notified

All clients must have a Needs Assessment and Disclosure signed, prior to any performed service/therapy, which includes a nutritional consultation, goal setting, safety check, and health history.

Additional Training/Services
CR500/TR90/Nutri-D Detox – $85/hour
Leadership/Motivation Training –  $95/hour
Evolving Health Program –  $95/hour
Weight Management Counseling –  $85/hour
Meal Prep, Shopping/Home-Office Setup – $85/hour
Travel fees apply where applicable.
Promotional Packages
Any three (3) Services/Therapies – Create your package $297, payment in advance
Any four (4) Services/Therapies – Create your package $360, payment in advance
Any five (5) Services/Therapies – Create your package $400, payment in advance

Payment is due at the time of service unless otherwise stated. No Refunds on any purchased service (, therapy, promotional packages or supplementation. Consultants and /or therapists have the right to increase/decrease service rates as they deem necessary.

Refer three (3) clients, after therapy is purchased, and your next service is free.

We accept cash, checks, all credit cards, and Health Savings credit cards. Payment arrangements must be made prior to service. Gift Certificates are available. Donations are accepted for those in need.