MPL Group’s GetWellness Center has been implementing the use of Ozone in detoxification and various therapies for more than 10 years. When the latest viruses hit, we implemented even more safeguards for the patients and clients, and clinicians in our GetWellness Center. We are known as green clean experts and detox professionals, however, we really took the game to a new level when we realized the upcoming mutating viruses, we are all faced with.

Our recommendations for people we don’t know were to increase immune balancing activities and add and take note of how much supplementation was in place, for each individual.

  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin C
  • Colloidal Silver 500ppm
  • Thieves essential oil etc.

These supplements seem to assist in keeping the viral loads down and the immune system strong.

Ozone is used in dentistry, in our HVAC system, in our far infrared sauna systems and is absolutely incredible in knocking down viruses, bacteria, parasites and so much more…the great benefit is driving oxygen, which assists in everything from foot fungus therapies to cancer remission.

Our Partner PromoLife:

Promolife supplies our clinic and customers, with state of art, Ozone components, sauna setups and so much more.

We wish you all Blessings on your GetWellness Journey, Deidre Nutri-D