For the past 5-7 years, health, life, and wellness coaches have been popping up throughout America. If you were to ask any one of these coaches, what is wellness, my guess would be a mixed response. What wellness is to one coach does not necessarily have to same meaning to another.

The past 34 years, and presently, I have been consulting, coaching, practicing, and teaching health & wellness to individuals and groups utilizing my Trade Marked PEeNSsF (physical, emotional, energetic, nutritional, spiritual, sexual, financial) platform of wellness. PEsNSsF encompasses the complete individual. Through the PEeNSsF process, I breakdown barriers and build bridges by focusing on the individual and teaching the process of taking responsibility for their decisions. Teaching and coaching ‘boundaries’ helps the individual to accept their choices, build a healthier belief system while releasing the responsibilities of others.

Wellness is more than exercise or nutrition. It’s a lifestyle of integrity; it’s a belief system of acceptance; it is setting significant boundaries without jeopardizing relationships. However, if a relationship is not growing you, it might be time for a peoplectomy.

Today’s ‘coaches’ must consider outside the box thinking. That is, throw away what the industry’s opinions dictate and focus on what the client truly needs and/or wants. Listening is key! Additionally, if you label yourself a health or wellness coach fit that label and be of integrity, fit, and healthy.

What is Wellness? Wellness is a belief system that encompasses integrity through action without distraction. Wellness is a lifestyle of staying the course when others ridicule your decisions. Wellness is an optimal and sustainable PEeNSsf.