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22 Nov, 2016

Dangers of Synthetic Scents Candles

Dangers of Synthetic Scents Include Cancer, Asthma, Kidney Damage and More The dangers of synthetic scents aren’t always evident, but we have the science to prove that everyone, regardless of age or health, needs to make avoiding fake fragrances a major priority. A National Academy of Sciences points out some vital facts: About 95 percent [...]

06 Aug, 2016

How & Why Do People Die of Cancer?

It's the saddest day when you get blindsided by the fact that we really have no control over when we die. We see people coming into GetWellness Center struggling with just basic cellular survival tasks like drinking filtered water instead of soda, while others are fighting for survival from cancer doing almost everything correct. Most know [...]

13 Jul, 2016

Why is Oxygen Not a Prescribed Method to Kill Cancer? Money

Why is Oxygen Not a Prescribed Method to Kill Cancer? Money! In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for work proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen in your cells.In fact, he stated in his book, “The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer” that…“the cause of cancer is no longer a [...]

27 Jun, 2016

Fatigued and Frustrated

Lately many clients have commented that they are feeling fatigued. When I ask them to expand on their overall all feeling they state that they are tired or have a lack of energy. Other terms used to describe fatigue are exhaustion or being lethargic. For clarity, fatigue and sleepiness are not the same thing; sleepiness [...]

14 Jun, 2016

Is Our Government Jeopardizing Our Immune System?

Is Our Government Jeopardizing Our Immune System? The trail of clouds that billow from an airplane streaking across the sky can be mesmerizing for children and adults alike. Jet engine traffic has become so common that it's not unusual to see several lingering streaks in the afternoon. And though many consider the streaks beautiful against [...]