In 2010 President Obama declared war on Alzheimer’s. He deployed a number of scientist to crack the code to rid American’s of this disease. Unfortunately he turned a bind eye on the research and did not publicaly announce the findings. Why? I believe it was the back pocket money received from pharmaceutical companies.

Scientist found that the leading cause of Alzheimer’s is beta amyloid plaque caused from pharmaceutical drugs and dairy consumption. Interestingly enough, these findings have been silenced, until today.

As a client advocate, wellness practitioner and coach I empower clients to create change in their PENSF (physical, emotional, nutritional, spiritual and financial) belief system by sharing facts, not fiction, on nutrition and pharmaceutical drugs and creating a new paradigm. The challenge, with most, is to prove that one must heal twice. Once from the pharmaceutical drugs and then from poor dietary habits.

When people choose to change their dietary habits by removing dairy, pharmaceutical drugs, over the counter drugs and invest in clean filtered water, Alzheimer’s as we know it today will be gone. ICT protocol is an important teaching program to improve memory however, one must change the present reality and remove the pharmaceutical and nutritional habits from their lifestyle first.

I am not astonished how backwards thinking our political leaders are. Wake up America- it’s called whole food plant based diet! Get off of dairy, drugs, soda, fatty foods and drink clean filtered water. Now that makes a body good! M. Potter