Is it possible for scientists to have flawless design and methodology when it comes to nutrition science?  Can anyone argue the plausibility that eating anything in moderation is safe and healthy.

This reminds me of the Subway commercial with the man “Jerod” who would show his weight loss and that each day he ate Subway sandwiches. Prior to his weight loss, was Jerod eating more Subway sandwiches per day, the wrong Subway sandwich with the wrong ingredients or did he just have no meal plan and did he continuously from morning til night- all the wrong foods and not at Subway at all?

We can argue the plausibility of almost anything with nutrition science.  That is the scary and frustrating part of why there are so many sick, fat and frustrated humans wondering the earth with “diabesity”.  This is the saddest state of affairs because people are so confused at all different ages and generations.  People say to me, “they (nutrition experts) change the rules (their minds) all the time on what to eat and what not to eat.  I am not sure prior to 2010 it was even possible to get any nutrition studies completely without bias, length of study time or some small crack that can give someone something to argue about or attempt to ‘debunk”.  I want to go into the biases and slide of hand that the pharmaceutical companies use, to promote their products with copious amounts of side effects, however I will attempt to stay on topic because that will seriously make my blood boil.  The bottom line is common sense has gone out the window when it comes to food choices and it’s uncommon to find people who are proactive and use critical thinking when selecting food for themselves and their families. People move about in “autopilot” mode.  I truly believe some people could be surrounded by flawless studies, exposed to them to from the time they can conceptualize reality and they will still default to programming.  The first 7 years of life dictate most people’s subconscious programming and what they ate, where they ate it and how it made them feel sets the stage for their future.

I pray for America and the world getting access to understanding whole food plant-based nutrition and how it relates to their disease risk. I pray for integrity and responsibility from our leaders and education systems to show relevant textbooks, studies and nutrition science.  Interpretation of the study methodology and our knowledge of the world will always be in a limited scope, it seems like some of the books need to be chalked up to “his-story.”  Most of us know why we go to eCornell and not Cornell.  Follow the money trail, the truth ends up in the black and white numbers of who’s paying for the research and what do they want the people to know.