People walk in our office and have a tremendous amount of pain from kidney stones, however most people can prevent recurrence by drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily, eating a low-fat plant-based diet, avoiding isolated nutrient supplementation, and doing major gut repair by removing colon blockages and repletion with probiotics to get the gut microbiome in order. It fascinates me that some are not willing to do this, in order to avoid the pain of kidney stones. I have not personally had any stones to reference the pain, however, female clients said it it is worse than childbirth.

I would like to see more specific studies, showing the benefits of adopting a wfpb diet in relation to kidney stone treatment and resolution. I am not sure if people believe it or just do not want to give up the animal food. It makes no sense that the pain avoidance factor would not outweigh the addiction to an animal-based diet. In my experience, only around half of my clients, at least initially want to do what it takes to avoid kidney stones.