Research shapes evidence, which informs public policy, which somehow leaves the public confused about the relationship between diet and health? The research is funded by special interest groups who influence a desired outcome, which informs public policy and of course the public is confused, because the information makes no sense.

The saddest thing from Dr Campbell’s work on the China Project is what dairy products, specifically caseine does to the human body. Out of all the species that ever roamed the planet, we are the first to drink the milk of another species. What the heck were we thinking? All the current research indicates dairy products cause cancer and a list of health problems too long to list here. What happened to research shaping evidence and forming public policy? Why is every school lunch program and hospital meal include dairy milk? Why does every medical professional that walks in my office with a health issue think high protein and dairy products are good for them? What happened to sound research going mainstream and our health professionals and institutions reflecting nutrition science in their practices.

Dr Campbell’s work made it very clear and the way we are getting this education is considered alternative. We cannot count on getting a sound scientific education unless we do so with plant based courses like this. In college, our books were so old by the time we were using them, the research was outdated, especially regarding nutrition science. I have learned more since 2008 from the China Project, and documentaries like Forks Over Knives, more than any other way. These pieces of work, had nothing to do with public policy.

Our system of public policy is set up to support big business and the dairy industry is big business. The amount of information brain washing the planet on high protein diets and humans consuming milk for protein is far deeper rooted than the plant based information distributed. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, it is so much harder to unlearn and break habits than it is to form new habits. What is the saddest thing for me is the amount of children being fed dairy milk in schools still and the amount of medical professionals that appear to not know any of Dr Campbell’s work and they are fresh out of medical school. We all know how the colleges are funded and how the USDA has conflicts of interest, which forms public policy, however, I believed it would be better by know. So much information is available on cancer and cardiac disease prevention with a whole foods, plant-based, low fat and high fiber diet.

Sadly, I believe we are in too deep and there are far too many ways to profit from disease for much to change. Cancer and cardiac disease is huge big business and keeping people sick and fat will generate trillions of dollars for mostly unnecessary and little efficacy procedures and treatments. There is not much we can do to stop the profiting because of the way our system is designed. My daily answer is by living a quality lifestyle and eating whole and living clean. We take care of one person at a time and pray they help their family after they get the “aha” moment. Based on the way the United States medical system and system of public healthcare is designed, my recommendation is do not wait for the white house to help you but get your own house in order by adopting a whole foods, plant based lifestyle. Our pharmacy is our fridge full of fresh organic fruits, veggies and peas, beans and legumes. Thank you Dr Campbell and all of you for being brave and sharing this education with all of us.

Deidre Nutri-D