The Ultimate Guide To Eating Paleo

What is the message recommending or promoting? This message is recommending an eating pattern based on caveman times. What problem is this recommendation intended to solve? Is it, in your opinion, an important problem? The obesity epidemic is being addressed and eating paleo is the recommendation in this message. Obesity is a very serious and important issue. What questions are being asked about this problem (by the author, or in the research cited)? What questions are not being asked? The problem of eating refined and processed foods instead of whole foods is being addressed and this paleo way of eating is offered as a solution. Questions like, what happens to the body after eating high fat and animal food diet is not being asked here, only the uric acid issue is being mentioned and that is only a single issue among many for those who choose to eat this type of diet. What kinds of evidence are being used to answer these questions? How does it relate to other evidence on this topic, if you know? The uric acid issue is being addressed by a “wrapping up” of uric acid by the kidneys. I am not sure what this means, however, I do know that a kidney stone is more painful than childbirth, according to my female clients. I will avoid this issue by not choosing to eat this way. What kinds of assumptions are being made about the problem? (An assumption is a belief that may be unstated or taken for granted without evidence.) The statement of the person eating this way, “should be fine”. They are referring to their version of a balanced diet. This diet is not balanced and weighted to heavily on high fat and animal food so how could a person be fine when the plan in not balanced. What can you tell about the author’s approach to nutrition science? What might be missing? The author’s approach to eating whole foods is good and has that correct. There is no balance in the way the plan is set up, which will ultimately lead to health problems based on the consequences of eating high fat, low carb diet. The author needs to look at The China Project and see the overwhelming evidence that people are not fat that eat high carbohydrate and low fat. Are the conclusions well reasoned and warranted by the evidence? Explain. There are no conclusions based on science in the message. The author used words like “should” about a major health condition and that alone scares me off. There is no evidence that eating this way, will bring about any long term positive sustainable health outcomes. What might be some important consequences of accepting these conclusions (for society, the environment, etc.)? The environmental consequences of eating beef alone are devastating to our planet and our bodies. (The fecal matter produced by cows increases carbon monoxide ten times more than cars, trucks, and buses combined).There is no evidence that eating paleo brings any positive outcomes, except short term weight loss.