Shall I save my breath and energy for the under 55 crowd? Nah, I’ll keep on trucking to help them all…

I personally worked for a brilliant inventor in rice science in California. When I announced proudly that I had and will continue to save my quality of life by practicing a whole food, plant-based diet, and my observance and review of the China Study was enough for me to personally eliminate dairy and reduce my animal food to less than 3-4 servings per week of organic small animals and wild fish. This announcement to this brilliant scientist / inventor was not praised, however was half ridiculed and I was told The China Study is “flawed”.

Even though this person practiced a whole food practice, this person included a lot of large animal meat (organic and grass fed) and a lot of dairy, both organic and raw and regular homogenized as I was able to view everything in the cold rooms of the whole property. It fascinated me that knowing these products cause cancer rates to sky rocket, their family had been decimated by cancer, complained of weight issues etc., they continued to eat this food and fed it to their animals. This set me out on a 10 year anthropological experiment and I just observed the fact that what people said and what they actually practiced were not in alignment, a lot of the time.

What I concluded was, the older the person is, the more difficult it is for them to truly adopt a whole foods plant-based diet. Then I studied how much meat and dairy practices in daily meal plans and advertising exposure these people were subjected to, was far more than people that were younger. The people that are age 55 and above have the hardest time accepting science and changing habits. will find all kinds of excuses to argue about their dietary habits and lifestyle and in conclusion, they have the hardest time reducing meat and dairy from their meal plan. People will make all kinds of irrational and rational excuses to justify their bad habits. The old saying goes, it’s tough to teach an older dog new tricks proves to be true when it comes to criticism of The China Project.