Should we all get tested for cancer?

After careful research and years of study, I am choosing to opt out of cancer screening due to the false positives present in the research findings. Personally, I am concerned for cancer, considering my lengthy familial history of cancer. The genetics issue is only a very small slice of reality and my diet and lifestyle are a huge reflection of my risk.

-I eat a WFPB diet

-I exercise regularly

-I limit my exposure to toxins in every way I can control

-I limit my exposure to stress and toxic people

-I regularly practice dietary excellence with optimal habits and detoxification

Fear drives people to go looking for problems in our bodies, especially with cancer detection. It reminds me of giving a blank check to a mechanic and asking them to find things that are wrong with your car. You will most likely spend a lot of money on fixing anything that was not perfect and breaking items along the way, trying to fix something. This all seems ridiculous when we know our diet and lifestyle is a huge percentage of our risk of cancer. I advise my clients to focus on what they can control, which is diet and lifestyle and leave the diagnostics for emergency situations or lingering symptom resolution, only after all efforts have been made. These choices have lead to a lot more healthier outcomes.

Stay in your power,