For many of us, life is challenging. We do our best to provide for our families and comfort our friends. We work demanding jobs or oftentimes challenging ones at home. Many of us do both and we believe we do both well.

Daily stress, fast twitching life, and constant demands can take its toll on our patience and the way we speak to people…most often our tone of voice towards our loved ones come across as non-loving. The stressful situations can cause a myriad of challenges and these challenges fall under the title…life.

The stresses of living are difficult to remove however, we can do a few things that can lessen our tone.

When we expect no stress we create more.

Knowing that life can be stressful, we can challenge ourselves to manage it is such a way that we do not hurt or alienate our family, friends or associates..

Understanding the high side of stress.

Every challenge defines us. We can choose to grow or we can choose to erode. During each tribulation and trial we encounter, when we look for growth opportunities during these times, it changes our perspective towards being more positive.

Opening up with others eases our stress

During our stressful times we tend to throw ourselves into our work and we become more isolated. This action prolongs our stress. We must open up with our partners, lovers, friends to express our stress. It’s a term called communication.

Leading our children

Children learn their behaviors by watching their parents. How we handle our stress, how we speak to others during stressful times will define our children. Eyes are watching…you can bet on that. When we can talk to our children in a loving tone, through the stress, we teach them that there is more to life than stressful situations and, we teach them that stress does not have to define you as mean and angry. Love is the answer.

Nobody is perfect!

Forgiveness is the key. Nobody is perfect or resilient when it comes to stress. However, we can direct the stress in a positive direction to better our relationships with our children, partners, family and friends.
Exercise is key

I find exercise as a means to relieve stress and strengthen my body, mind and soul. Create an exercise program that you can perform to relieve your stress. I call it, ‘working out the wrinkles!’