We all have struggles time and again. I do not know anything that is perfect, except for the human body at birth. And, unfortunately there are times when a birth is not perfect. We, humans, take our lives for granted. All to often we take the easy way instead of working hard ‘chopping wood and hauling water’.

The circle of life begins when we take responsibility for our lives. When we focus on our physical, emotional, nutritional, spiritual and financial well being we are focusing on our circle of life. We must start with ourselves to do better, be better rather then point fingers at another. Capture your circle of life by understanding and accepting PENSF


Physical– It is important to move daily, increase your heart rate daily, lift or push weight daily, and stretch daily. Our bodies function better when we stand upright. The worst position for our body is sitting. Help your bones, muscles and ligaments help you-move!

Emotional– We are emotional beings. We live emotionally, eat emotionally, work emotionally and we take others emotional baggage too. Understand what is yours and what is not. Accept what is yours and deflect what is not. Accept and work on your responsibilities to become better by setting boundaries.

Nutritional– Most important element in the circle of life. It is not what we eat, but rather what our bodies assimilate that cause us to gain, lose or maintain weight. Consuming a whole food plant based diet is critical if you want your body to perform at its max potential. Milk does not do a body good!

Spiritual– Our belief system was created by the age of 7-8, and that belief system is flawed. A belief system is based on opinions and only opinions. We choose to believe the opinions of our parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, family, etc. is real so we accept their opinions as ours. Blow it up! Create your own belief system that is yours based on your beliefs, your opinions. You will see your world in a different color.

Financial-Budget your finances. Write and follow a budget and you will begin to free up your life and remove the handcuffs placed on you by your actions. Spend your money wisely. Shop for your needs rather than wants. Once you secure a financial savings and retirement program, (IRA or contribute to your 401K) meaning pay yourself first, the greater security and freedom you’ll have.

PENSF- Is the circle of life. Live your life free, healthy, with responsibility. and make your wellness lifestyle sustainable. Perfection is a myth however, your body can be as perfect as you want it to be. It all starts with you.