The nutrition education and information provided to most people, regarding protein as a main component to a necessary well balanced diet was funded by special interest groups. This created a conflict of interest and kept the public misinformed about human protein needs.  The amount of commercials for “Milk Does a Body Good” remains in most minds in the US. I personally was born in 1975 and it feels like yesterday was the last time I saw the ad, however it was years ago. We all believed protein, especially from cows, was a great source.  Most people had no idea it was killing them, causing cancer and a whole host of other diseases, I call “I don’t know shun-itus”.  Chronic inflammation and everything autoimmune is due mostly to our misunderstanding of nutrition, which was funded by special interest groups that unfortunately made public policy.  Until the China Study and this work, we were in the dark, programmed by advertising and hopeless.  Now, we have the science, the information and can make educated decisions based on facts.

Advertising is powerful. It is easier to program a computer (human mind) than it is to reprogram. Most people will justify their bad eating habits and blame genetics or other factors for the poor state of their health.  I take full responsibility after overcoming serious digestive disorders.  My personal health crisis motivated me to make drastic changes in my twenties toward a WFPB plan. Today, choosing to be dairy-free is easy, however these foods are highly addictive and mixed with advertising and accessibility to poor quality animal food, I have a lot of compassion for most people transitioning through the shift.  Slow, steady and sustainable is what sticks.