Doug Lisle’s Pleasure trap reminds me of most clients addiction to dairy products. The programming is so strong to eat them and the biochemical addiction capabilities really make it a serious issue of having to just quit cold turkey. The clients feel better pretty rapidly, however they struggle to eat a well structured whole foods plant-based plan, quick enough to stop considering filling in the pleasure gaps in their diet, with dairy. A juice fast or smoothie fast for a couple days is really beneficial, while they wrap their heads around increased fruits and veggies. This gives them a break from processed addictive foods and the client gets a chance to collect the healthy foods. The worst situation is when the client gets really hungry and is not prepared. If they are really hungry and do not have enough whole foods, this is when the pleasure trap kicks in and avoiding the pain of being hungry will always win.

In my experience a juice or green smoothie plan for 2-3 days is the best way to reset the body and prepare the body to go into a wfpb diet. The addiction to sugar and animal food and high fat, makes people literally insane and their signal system gets reversed and the body does not truly know what is good for it. Understanding the survival and reproduction mechanism and the pleasure trap makes it simpler to understand psychologically and physiologically, how to better help clients.