It’s the saddest day when you get blindsided by the fact that we really have no control over when we die.

I see people coming in the office struggling with just basic cellular survival tasks like drinking filtered water instead of soda, when others are fighting for survival from cancer doing almost everything correct physically, emotionally, energetically, nutritionally, spiritually, sexually and financially…oh come on…who are you kidding, D, you know it’s not plausible to get it all balanced / reconciliation fast enough and synchronized before cellular exhaustion sets in (death)…or is it?

Most know that I tend to be pretty all or nothing, some call me “extreme, radical”, some are scared I will judge them because I care about everything that goes in, on and around my body and they don’t want to care that much or spend the energy at attempts to control their cancer / disease risk.

Now I really can feel why people use the excuse, “such and such person smoked, drank alcohol, toxic gmo’d daily, imbibed pure sugar, ate tons of hormone treated dairy products,  worked in a chemical plant without a mask, blah blah blah…and they are still alive or lived to 95…ugh!!!

Cancer sucks, chemicals in our world suck more, wanting to believe giving a checklist to prevent cancer and immunological devastation will help, if applied in human life, I suppose is my way to share hope, call it control, relax, nothing is under control. It’s all an illusion. I’ll clinch my checklist and continue to learn, practice and teach. I have to stay in the solution because what I focus on will grow. It’s my way of fighting on.

I don’t have the answers to why some die and others don’t. All I have is a broken heart and asking God to bring sense to senseless situations.

God, please make house calls to the homes of the dying tonight. Please bring peaceful transition to the other space of rest.

Please heal our hearts and help us to keep believing in the efforts toward thriving on this broken planet.

If I am an abnormal cell on a normally broken planet, help me laugh through the vibration of the pain.

I will never give up fighting for human life, till I take my last breath, you will see me staying in my locus of control:

clean food, water, supplements, enlightened thinking (reprogramming the subconscious mind), breath, daily detox and optimal nutrition & lifestyle habits.

Being Guided in the midst of questioning everything,