There is a lot of talk these days about health and wellness. The more I read the more I get confused of what wellness really is. Is wellness fitness? Is wellness nutrition? Is wellness detoxification?

As a functional wellness practitioner I came up with the answer to the question, what is wellness? Each individual has their belief what wellness is for them. However, if they were to peel back the wellness onion they would find the following.

Wellness is PENSF; physical, emotional, nutritional, spiritual, financial health. When you consider the human body there are four things that we most have to function effectively and optimally. They are: oxygen, water, fuel (food) and exercise. When you consider the body’s needs, PENSF is the necessary need for sustainable wellness. The emotional, spiritual (belief system) and financial components of PENSF play a large role in an individuals overall wellness.

Physical- Exercise
Emotional- Positive thoughts of why
Nutritional-Water, food, oxygen
Spiritual- Belief system
Financial- Sufficiency

When considering wellness, consider PENSF as the model to follow. PENSF is you, PENSF is wellness.