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19Feb, 2016

Alzheimer’s – The Cure

In 2010 President Obama declared war on Alzheimer's. He deployed a number of scientist to crack the code to rid American's of this disease. Unfortunately he turned a bind eye on the research and did not publicaly announce the findings. Why? I believe it was the back pocket money received from pharmaceutical companies. Scientist found that the leading cause of Alzheimer's is beta amyloid plaque [...]

15Feb, 2016

Can I Eat Subs on GMO Refined Bread and Look Like You Nutri-D?

Is it possible for scientists to have flawless design and methodology when it comes to nutrition science?  Can anyone argue the plausibility that eating anything in moderation is safe and healthy. This reminds me of the Subway commercial with the man "Jerod" who would show his weight loss and that each day he ate Subway sandwiches. Prior to his weight loss, was Jerod eating more [...]

10Feb, 2016

The Great Meat Controversy, Conspiracy, Who Wants to Live?

The nutrition education and information provided to most people, regarding protein as a main component to a necessary well balanced diet was funded by special interest groups. This created a conflict of interest and kept the public misinformed about human protein needs.  The amount of commercials for "Milk Does a Body Good" remains in most minds in the US. I personally was born in 1975 [...]

09Feb, 2016

Ozone Therapy: A Powerful Cancer Treatment & Healing Protocol

Posted by: Jane G. Goldberg in Cancer 101, Cancer Causes, The Basics, Treatments/Healing As a practitioner who has specialized in working with cancer patients for over 40 years, I’m often stunned when some cancer patients talk to me about their health. They say something to the effect of, “I am perfectly healthy except for the cancer.” Of course, this is a nonsensical statement. Cancer is [...]