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09May, 2016

Vaccine’s and Vaxxed (The Movie)-

Friday evening Deidre and I viewed the controversial film Vaxxed. With all the facts documented that the CDC committed fraud, I was alarmed and amazed that our government and their bosses, pharmaceutical companies, and the CDC were in cahoots. This film is a must see. It is featured at the Tower Theater for the next couple of days. Please be aware, if you have or [...]

01Apr, 2016

Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed Without Drugs

Doctors often prescribe a drug to control type 2 diabetes. However drugs have a number of side affects a that individuals would have to heal twice. Once from the diabetes and once from the drug . One drug in particular, Jardiance, has shown to have a number of side affects. Below are a few listed Jardiance can cause serious side effects, including and not limited [...]

29Mar, 2016

On my perfect planet, plant based policy would be in Effect!!!

Research shapes evidence, which informs public policy, which somehow leaves the public confused about the relationship between diet and health? The research is funded by special interest groups who influence a desired outcome, which informs public policy and of course the public is confused, because the information makes no sense. The saddest thing from Dr Campbell's work on the China Project is what dairy products, [...]

25Mar, 2016

B5 Pantothenate Deficiency, LEAKY GUT, GI problems? Absorption

VITAMIN B5 Pantothenate is of interest to me. As a functional medical consultant, we commonly see this deficiency in our clients with GI related issues and in myself. As a person who has recovered from Crohn's, colitis, IBS, IBD, RA and a host of serious issues, including what we think was an umbilical hernia at birth, my live blood work was SCARY! Leaky gut and [...]

13Mar, 2016

Kidney Stones – Who’s willing to do what it takes?

People walk in our office and have a tremendous amount of pain from kidney stones, however most people can prevent recurrence by drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily, eating a low-fat plant-based diet, avoiding isolated nutrient supplementation, and doing major gut repair by removing colon blockages and repletion with probiotics to get the gut microbiome in order. It fascinates me that some are [...]

13Mar, 2016

Should You Screen for Cancer?

Should we all get tested for cancer? After careful research and years of study, I am choosing to opt out of cancer screening due to the false positives present in the research findings. Personally, I am concerned for cancer, considering my lengthy familial history of cancer. The genetics issue is only a very small slice of reality and my diet and lifestyle are a huge [...]

11Mar, 2016

The Circle of Life ‘PENSF’

We all have struggles time and again. I do not know anything that is perfect, except for the human body at birth. And, unfortunately there are times when a birth is not perfect. We, humans, take our lives for granted. All to often we take the easy way instead of working hard 'chopping wood and hauling water'. The circle of life begins when we take [...]

10Mar, 2016

The Pleasure Trap

Doug Lisle's Pleasure trap reminds me of most clients addiction to dairy products. The programming is so strong to eat them and the biochemical addiction capabilities really make it a serious issue of having to just quit cold turkey. The clients feel better pretty rapidly, however they struggle to eat a well structured whole foods plant-based plan, quick enough to stop considering filling in the [...]

08Mar, 2016

Paleo Shmaleo

The Ultimate Guide To Eating Paleo What is the message recommending or promoting? This message is recommending an eating pattern based on caveman times. What problem is this recommendation intended to solve? Is it, in your opinion, an important problem? The obesity epidemic is being addressed and eating paleo is the recommendation in this message. Obesity is a very serious and important issue. What questions [...]

02Mar, 2016


STRESS… For many of us, life is challenging. We do our best to provide for our families and comfort our friends. We work demanding jobs or oftentimes challenging ones at home. Many of us do both and we believe we do both well. Daily stress, fast twitching life, and constant demands can take its toll on our patience and the way we speak to people...most [...]